The Glo yakata data plan was released in the latter months of 2018 in response to other similar data plans from other mobile networks. As Glo is the clear leader in the country in terms of data quantity, if not quality, this is no different with the data plan with Glo offering 1.2Gb of data for N1,200.

Data cap: 1.2 gigabytes
Price: 200 Naira
Plan validity: 3 days
Eligibility: All sim cards (3 and 4g)
Devices: all devices that have a working internet connection: phones, modems, PDAs.

– Recharge the sim card with a minimum of N200
– Dial *777#
– Select “1” for “buy data“ and hit send
– Press “1” again for “buy 3G-4G data plan” and hit send again
– Select “5” for special data offer and hit send
– Enter “2” and enter again
– Press “1”and enter again
– You’ll receive a message informing you of the success/failure of buying the data plan depending on the amount of airtime you have on your phone.

– As mentioned above, Glo usually has a larger quantity of data compared to other networks.
– You can accumulate the data you get by loading more airtime and subscribing again. This means you have 6GB of data (with extra bonuses) for N1,000

– The validity period of the data plan is relatively low. Since you can do it up to five times, the total data is valid for only fifteen days
– Depending on your location, Glo network can be slow so if you want to download, you either wait for nighttime or download in an area you know for having very good network.

On the whole though, the data plan is high value for the little money spent, enjoy your downloading, folks.