The situation of the story with BEDC not powering up the DSC Township hasn’t changed from the last article we published weeks ago.

Mrs. Alabi Funmi is still crying out that the district hasn’t been attended to despite all the cry for help, meetings and letters written. It’s almost 27months and the residents of the affected area are still living in total darkness, been denied their rights as citizens of this country.

Mrs. Alabi Funmi was quoted to have tweeted below with her handle, @Alabitajo

TWENTY SIX AND A HALF MONTHS without power in DSC Township. Why won’t BEDC give non debtors power? My BEDC account is in credit by almost N4,000 and yet I’m being deprived as is the case with many others. Hardened hearts like Pharaoh’s en? God is not asleep!

Incase you missed the first publication, read the full story here:

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The story still continues till we get to the end of this, stay tuned for more updates.


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