Eyitayo Fajinmi‏ @efajinmi, a customer under Eko Electric Distribution Company has expressed his dissatisfaction with the operation of the disco.
The whole drama started when we reported the news that a customer claimed that Eko Disco supplied his area with 6 days uninterrupted power. Incase you missed it, check link below.

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Eyitayo took to twitter to make a plea to the disco EKEDP, and an interesting conversation occurred between @efajinmi and @deezer234.

@efajinmi tweeted: I have complained about the kind of treatment we get in Ajah and Abraham Adesanya. Are we not human beings as well. .No light at all during the day and at night around 11pm you bring it just for 5hrs. Be very fair in your dealings. You will never act on this
To make matters worse, they dont even have a functioning patrol van to clear any fault. In this 21st century it’s very shameful. What they like doing is bragging on incompetence. They absolutely don’t care at all. Bunch of insensitive people. They should be ashamed.

@deezeer234 tried to defend the disco by tweeting;

Not true…their vans are always patrolling lekki ajah axis everyday.

@efajinmi responded by tweeting;

I think I need to enlighten you. The van you claim you see everyday is for the transmission section of EKEDC in Ajah. They patrol the 33kva which is used by Chevron , VGC etc. So if you don’t know its better you ask for clarity. I will send you a pic of their van to confirm.

The handle went further to say;

We have complained a lot but it’s becoming unbearable. Their van is in a comatose stage it can’t even start talk less of moving. They should quote me with this allegations I’m ready to take them on. If I don’t know I keep quite but I’m well informed.
We have rented van for them sometimes with our own funds. But they pride themselves as performing whereas it’s the other way round. I know they will never reply to this allegations ever since I have been complaining. If it is incorrect they should say so.

@deezer234 further asked if @efajinmi has visited their office and the reply was;

It seems you are not in tune with what is happening. A delegation from Abraham Adesanya went to their office in Marina for a meeting. It was stated boldly that they can only give us light for 8 to 10hrs a day and nothing more. You think we

have gone through that route.

After a while, @EKEDP came online and liked the tweet where @Deezer234 was defending the disco where he stated that their vans patrol the Ajah axis everyday. An angry @Efajinmi instantly poured out his/her mind at the disco with the following tweets below:

So the only thing EKEDC could say is to like the tweet from someone saying their van patrols the Ajah Axis. It shows how unserious you guys are taking the issue. I will snap and send the pic of your van patrolling Ajah to you then you will be ashamed.
It also shows how insensitive you guys are to our plight. The person handling your Twitter handle is doing a disservice to you guys. You guys would never look for a solution to the issue. You just keep quiet and watch people suffer.

Well, as you have read, the drama with discos keeps getting worse everyday. We would bring you more developments as events unfold.
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