News making rounds is that an unidentified customer of the Benin Electricity Distribution Company revealed that Mrs. Osibodu of BEDC has overtaken 70,000 prepaid meters meant for customers under the service of the disco.

The customer also revealed that since Mrs. Osibodu resumed took over in November 2013, not a single transformer has been installed by her company. Transformers been used by the customers have been donated by customers to the communities.

An excerpt from the anonymous customers’ revelation is quoted below:

“Still on B.E.D.C ; since Mrs Osibodu took over the affairs of BEDC in the four states including Edo. No single transformer has been given to any community. Rather individuals donated transformers to communities. As at today, over seventy thousand (70,000) pre- paid meters that were supposed to be given to consumers are locked up at Nekpen- Nekpen complex. We must resist the renewal of her contract. Share this message to all B. E. D. C. consumers to create awareness.”

PowerUpNG is currently investigating the claim and more developments would be revealed as events unfold.

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