Residents of Magboro, under the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company region of service has been experiencing blackout and the reason for this has remained unknown.

PowerUp News received complaints from residents of the community and decided to find out the cause of the blackout.

In a brief chat with IBEDC Magboro Manager, Mrs. Evelyn Nwokolo, PowerUp News was able to get a short answer to the reason behind the blackout.

As revealed to PowerUp News publisher, Adegbemle Adetayo;

“We had an underground cable rupture at Oke aro sir. Our engineers are working together with the Transmission.” Mrs. Nwokolo said.

he 33KV line and Ake-aro 330/132/33Kv sub-station was energized in August 2017, after over 10 years of darkness in the area to supply power to Magboro and it’s environs.