Residents of Bola Oshikoya Street, Alagbole Akute, Ifo, Ogun, Nigeria have been crying out to Ikeja Electric for the past 9 months on the power outage they have been experiencing since their Transformer went bad in October 2017.

PowerUpNG investigative team did some digging into the issue and found out that the residents have been living on power supply from their generators.

An unsatisfied customer of the disco who also resides on the street was quoted as saying, “The issue now is not even the cost of being fuel or diesel to power generators, our GENERATORS ARE PACKING UP. Why should we suffer like this, others are enjoying the little electricity that is been provided?”

According to the complainant, series of complaints have been forwarded to the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission since February of 2018 and the Electricity Commission finally responded to their letter with a hearing scheduled for September 2018; 7 months after they filed a complaint and 11 months since they have been in darkness.

Residents of Bola Oshikoya Street also claim to have written and contacted @IkejaElectric but the disco have taken no action to satisfy their customer. “Should we embark on a protest to Alausa to demand what rightfully belongs to us?” the complainant asked.

PowerUpNG investigative team did a private investigation and was able to deduce that the stories from the residents of the affected area are true. The residents came up with a claim that since the transformer went bad, and they contacted the disco, the disco told them out-rightly that they have outstanding bills to clear and if the bills are not cleared, their transformer won’t be fixed.

Emmanuel Onatafe, the complainant expressed his disgust at the issue by stating that, “The funny thing is, the street behind us is enjoying power because they are connected to another transformer. People are moving out of the area… what happens to people who don’t have money to move. @IkejaElectric This is not fair.”

As at this moment, there have been no response from @IkejaElectric, no comment on the complainant’s tweet since he tweeted his dissatisfaction of services from the disco and even tagged them on the tweet on June 14, 2018; exactly 9 months since they have last had power on their street.

More investigation is ongoing on the issue and a follow up would be published on this platform soon.


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