Eko Disco are in the news again for the usual act of billing new apartments with estimated Billings.
The latest complainant happens to be Babatunde Oyebode, a customer who claims he just moved into a new apartment that has never been occupied and 4 days after, he received an outrageous bill from the disco.

Below he was quoted to have said

I just moved into a new apartment and I’m the first occupant to ever use this apartment, because it’s a new house and they just connected light to this building June 28th, I moved in July 6th, days ago I got a crazy bill.

The marketers in festac are not only incompetent but incapable of executing their duties,and we the Innocent Nigerians suffer,and when you politely go to their office ,to make correction,they respond rudely and unconcerned, no one came for any energy audit and yet a crazy bill.

When @EKEDP staffs came to connect electricity to the building after agreeing for estimated bills while we wait for the prepaid meter,many of the occupants of the flats in the building haven’t moved in, including myself,I moved into my flat July 6th and as the first occupant.

When I moved in, none of the @EKEDP staffs ever came to inspect my appliances or to to check my electronic appliances so as to audit my energy inventory (energy use)so they can give me monthly estimated bill. But July 10th, 4 days after I moved in the flat, a Crazy bill came in.

PowerUpNG decided to probe into the matter and after much digging, we finally got more from the complainant.

Crazy bill of 8k+ ,so can someone tell me how they arrive at this figure.
Yes I went to @EKEDP office at 23 road,S close ,Festac Town to file a complaint,I filed a letter which I narrated everything.
I was directed to the office of the customer care unit.

The lady at the CCU said I should come back after 3-4 weeks to get a reply,is that not a joke? She also told me to go to The Marketing Manager’s office by Agboju,22 road Festac Town,which I went to, I was told that a Mr Tony is in charge of my Area 6th Avenue,Festac Town.

I was told Mr Tony’s Team is charged with the duty to audit my electricity estimation consumption and relating same information to the district office. I was given his number, after narrating everything to him he just said there is nothing he can do,then hung up.

Dear readers, we leave this in your hands. What actions do you think should be taken? Let us know in the comment section below.


  1. We do not need DISCO marketers. They are not equipped for the job e.g. they do not know who has paid or has not paid. They give wrong data to the DISCOs who give out crazy bills based on the wrong data given by the Marketers. Imagine billing a residential building the sum of 34,000 naira as their current charge!!!