In case you missed the genesis of today’s episode, commence your journey from the link below:

Link: @Enugudisco Vs Customers: Enugu Disco Twitter Blocked @Ujamidase, Goes Rude On @TheNnanna , Nigerians React

Here we are on the final episode of today’s series. Too bad it has to end this way but we would back again with the series and it just might be your disco.

As consumers, it’s our duty to speak up when we are not satisfied with the service been rendered us. And PowerUpNG would continue to be that platform that would represent us all as a voice to be harkened to in the power sector. Together, we can Power Up Nigeria!

So before we go, let’s round this up and enjoy our night rest. This is usually the point we try and balance who’s right or wrong and find a resolve, but while we were trying to do that, this happened…

Please is it true we more than we can consume??

Let’s assume the rush to type hisbmind make him omit the word “have”, but shouldn’t that be enough to make a CCR understand what he’s trying to say? Okay before I get too forward, let’s read the response from @enugudisco as quoted below:

We do not understand please. Rephrase.

Sigh! Let’s pardon Papa/Mama Njideka… But what of the below complain?

Hello, I logged on to my New Account & found some accumulated bills there.
How is this possible?
Please Help!
I need to recharge.

At least, this is straight forward right? Well…..

How do you mean? Please explain better.

We are confused too, yes we said so, we are confused that the individual behind @enugudisco who represent the disco handling power distribution to 4 States in nigeria is confused.

Please don’t ask us “How do you mean?“. “Please explain better” in the comment section below.

Thanks for joining us on today’s series of “Disco Vs Customers”. We’d be back sooner than you expect.


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