Welcome to another series of “Discos Vs Customers“. I really must confess that I am really enjoying gathering reports from both ends and privileged to be able to share it with you all.

The maiden edition dealt with the attitude of of customers to service providers and almost 24 hours after, we’ve got a reciprocation.

Nigerians are known to react quickly, and that is more evident when it deals more with a customer at the end of maltreatment.

Today’s story is straight forward. A customer got blocked (after our investigation) over a complaint to a service provider and he/her got blocked. His complaints later got resolved after a while and the complainant took to the same platform he lodged the complaint to express himself, what happened later is quoted below:

Emmanuel Ujam @Ujamidase
If EEDC hasn’t blocked you, help me tell them I said well done. They have finally come to install the prepaid meters we’ve been begging them to come install since. Dem try

After the above quoted tweet by the once affected complainant, other customers decided to wade in on the issue…

Onye Nku @TheNnanna
This worries me. @enugudisco blocks customers who make complaints on Twitter. You are not the only person, many people have been blocked by the person who runs their account.

The response from the disco came out as absurd as quoted below

Please do not incite our customers. You can communicate freely with us, so how come you say we block people? Who and who complained to you that we blocked them? If you have any challenge to pass across, please do, rather than this.

Hey, he/she was just trying to defend himself/herself but was it done the right way? Let’s find out below:

Emmanuel @EmmySiasia
I condemn this in the strongest possible terms. These people are just incompetent if they still resort to blocking their customers. It’s not their fault, its monopoly I blame

Do you condemn such as a customer or do you think the individual behind the service providers handle is justified on the issue? Let us know in the comment section below.

But that’s not all, check what transpired afterwards in our next post.