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Link: @Enugudisco Vs Customers: Enugu Disco Twitter Blocked @Ujamidase, Goes Rude On @TheNnanna , Nigerians React

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So it gets down to the name calling part, or should we say, the naming of whosoever is behind @enugudisco on twitter… And then…

EEDC, full of excuses, can’t even attend to a particular complaint without giving excuse

Well it continued with another customer revealing that the disco is so full of excuses rather than fixing the problems they’ve caused, maybe they didn’t cause all of them but since they on the distributing end, it’s their problem to fix. But this same individual behind the discos handle isn’t yet having another good day, so….

If there are challenges that affect our services, we do let our customers know about it. If carrying our customers along has become excuses, then it’s your opinion. Thank you.

Hold on, let’s take an evening stroll a few minutes and ponder over that response from @Enugudisco. Meanwhile take a few minutes to read the below quote as we continue to soft-launch our Helpline portal.

ANNOUNCING: #PowerUpHelpline

Easy Tool To Send Your Complaints, and Keep Track Till Resolution Here!

ALL Discos!!!

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Well, another customer who goes by the name Oladimeji decided to help us out and we think he got a pretty good idea who this person his, or maybe not.

Oladimeji @Citizenladimeji
I’m very sure it is one outdated papa/mama Njideka behind the keyboard.

It not over, onto the next post please…