Ikeja Electric shared a video on their twitter timeline on how their staff was rough handled by an unsatisfied customer who was pleasing that her electric lines be recconected as Ikeja Electric had already disconnected over arrears which he had been paying in bits monthly.

Ikeja Electric who seemed unhappy about the situation took to their platform to address the issue with a video and message quoted below:

There’s always a better way to register your complaints and assaulting our staff is not one of them. These are men and women going about their jobs just like anybody else working to earn a living. We urge customers to use the appropriate channels to make their complaints.

See Video via the link below:

Check out @IkejaElectric’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/IkejaElectric/status/1018117429275385856?s=09

Other angry customers waded in on the issue to support the woman in question and it sure was a pile of unhealthy reports from the customers.

We have quoted a few of the replies below on the situation.

I agree tht ur staffs have a job to do.why do they insist on disconnecting a customer who have an arrears due to ur outrageous billings but pays in some amount of money every month there by servicing the dept.

Another customer, Dare Fadeji @DareFadeji replied immediately:

While I strongly condemn the action of the woman, all your so-called channels of complaint never resolve anything. Put your house in order, @IkejaElectric

Reactions started pouring in their numbers

While condemning the woman’s actions, your employee claims the money the woman paid is too “small” Who is he to determine that really? Another by-product of Estimated billing and lack of pre-paid meters. @IkejaElectric you need to fix up.

Another one….

Layinka Sulu @Owl007
I don’t support violence but Your policies can sometimes make someone mad. Imagine a case where your staff didn’t deliver the bill, cut off power and expect the customer to pay reconnection fee. Whose fault is it? Who’s paying for someone else’s work ethics?

With my experience with you guys …just a few weeks ago, I’ve given up on your service recovery. Go check your inbox for correspondence, check with your call centre. You guys need real customer service turn around!

And then it gets interesting

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