Twitter user, @Vigho4u has called for Justice as he claims @NERCNG judgement Ineffective for refusing to enact the law on @EKEDP 4 months after due date.

Veego Joseph by the twitter handle @vigho4u has come out to tackle Eko Disco over its illegal practices and service maltreatment of customers. In a statement written on twitter, Veego joseph stated that the issue has lingered on for about a year, a duration way beyond the stipulated 2 months for resolving such issues according to the ESPRActs 2005. The complainant stated as we quote below:


After taking approximately one year to resolve a complaint as against 2 months as prescribed by the ESPR Act 2005. The Forum has also been unable to enforce judgment dated 21st of March 2018 while @ekedp has continued to supply customer with bills claiming to have supplied over 200% power within one month despite carrying out a load inventory that showed that the customer’s bill at a 100% power availability should not exceed N10,000 monthly. After compelling the forum Chairman who was reluctant to include metering of the customer in the case, which evidently showed that the DISCO disregards the customer load inventory in its illegal billing system/methodology. It is not strange that the customer has still not been metered till date. This is a notice to the @NERCNG that we would approach the court after sending a direct letter to its chairman within the next 7 working days and ensure that the customer is adequately compensated for all the trauma that the @NERCNG and the DISCO has put him through including disconnection while the customer had initiated the dispute process.

Joseph has called the attention of PowerUpNG to this issue and the matter is been looked into with more finings to be relayed as events unfold during the course of investigation.