The management of BEDC Electricity Plc (BEDC) has disclosed that it has restored power supply back to Benin metropolis after the outage which reduced supply to major parts of the city up till December 2018.
In a statement by its management, BEDC said the outage was due to the failure of two out of the three Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) transformers wheeling power to BEDC for distribution to customers in major parts of Benin metropolis.
“Power availability in several locations is thus now restored to between 12 and 24 hours based on the normal load management schedule. The remaining areas still on between 6 hours and 9 hours will gradually be normalized as we progress with the BEDC new constructions and restoration of the second TCN transformer; the company said.
BEDC explained that while the outage lasted. It had to as a stop gap measure restored power supply at an average of 6 hours daily availability to most of the affected areas by connecting several of the customers on the affected feeders to the only existing functional TCN transformer in a manner that did not overload the system and to provide supply albeit on limited basis pending when normal supply will resume after the replacement of the remaining faulty transformers.
“We are pleased to inform our customers that based on the concerted effort of TCN, BEDC in conjunction with several well- meaning stakeholders, one of the TCN replacement transformers which was taken from Irrua have subsequently been put to use with electricity supply commencing from this source to the affected areas in Benin City”. BEDC said.
The Disco alerted that some miscreants who illegally consume electricity were planning to take advantage of the temporary failure of the TCN transformers to conduct various demonstrations on the streets of Benin in coming days.
“We have also been contacted by some well-meaning customers in our franchise states who have advised that some persons were being mobilized from these neighbouring states with financial inducements to join in the politically motivated demonstrated”. BEDC said.


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