Yesterday we brought you the story of how Ikeja Electric billed a vacant apartment for seven months and still brought estimated billing to the complainant after months of several reports and complains.

Incase you missed the story, check the link below.

Read Here: @IkejaElectric Billed Vacant Apartment For 7 Months

Today, we bring you more updates on the story with pictures as proof.

@PowerUpNG Investigative Team had a follow up with the complainant and he provided more details and also shared some pictures of the letter he sent to Ikeja Electric and also some of the bills he received.

“Note that several letters was sent to them since October 2017 but none was acknowledged till February 2018.” Adeniran O. Michael (The Complainant) revealed.

Above is the letter which was acknowledged in February


Note that after this letter was acknowledged in February, bills were still sent to the apartment. The cables had been disconnected from the pole as of this time yet bills still came pouring in.

Below are some of the bills been sent to the apartment.



“From the billing history, you will notice that bills kept coming in from October 2017 till March 2018. Adeniran O. Michael revealed.

In conclusion, Ikeja Electric still billed the apartment in April 2018, just before it was rented out and the owner was made to pay for all the bills that the apartment didn’t use during the period of 7 months.


More investigation is been carried out and we would keep you updated as events unfold.


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