In an industry like the Power Sector where 24/7 Services is paramount, our Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, a body that is supposed to (according to excerpts from the Electric Power Sector Reform Act of 2005):

2.C.i. NERC’s responsibility is to regulate standards of performance for all electricity licensees and monitor performance to ensure that those standards are met and maintained or even exceeded;

..has failed woefully in achieving this. The organization, which has been faulted countless times for their nonchalance in dealing with serious issues, has refused to adhere to correction and retrace their steps back on the right path.

We have overtime noticed that the commission’s dedication to interaction with citizens of the country on online/social media platforms is very low or non-existence.

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission is an independent body, established by the Electric Power Sector Reform Act of 2005 to undertake technical and economic regulation of the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry. The Commission is to, among others license operators, determine operating codes and standards, establish customer rights and obligations and set cost reflective industry tariffs.

The commission, in every way shows no standard in their mode of operation and are thereby unfit to determine or regulate standards in other power parastatals.

We have kept mute on the fact that the commission’s social media accounts, most especially “Twitter” has been operating poorly for a regulatory body.

The commission has delighted itself in sharing information on the Twitter platform only when they feel obliged to.

As of today, 17 June 2018, the commission’s twitter handle has only been active for 4 days out of 17 with 13 tweets in total and the highest number of tweets/day been 7 on June 7, 2018; and this was because they tweeted the “NERC Grants 8 Additional ‘No Objection’ for MAP” in bits instead of a thread. (Technical Know How is Zero).

@NERC_Nigeria has over 32.8K (Thirty Two Thousand Eight Hundred) follower and do not even know how to engage them, what a shame.

The NERC Twitter account first came online this month on June 7, then disappeared and reappeared on June 12, tweeted 4 times and on June 13 and 14 respectively, they tweeted just once.

Back to the fact that we have kept mute for so long on the commission’s poor social media activities, it is finally time to call them out and ask them; WHAT KIND OF A REGULATOR GOES ON HOLIDAY?

Visit the @NERC_NIGERIA social media handle and scroll through all the days that they’ve been active online, you would notice that the person behind the commission’s handle prides himself more in his/her holiday than the duty assigned to him to engage Nigerians “24/7” with vital information from the NERC.

Meanwhile, there was a massive blackout in Nigeria yesterday due to the power grid collapse; WHERE WAS THE REGULATOR?

Obviously, the “Police” of the “Nigeria Power Sector” were busy SLEEPING AND ENJOYING THEIR HOLIDAY while Nigerians were in total darkness.