Nearly every organization designed to collate information from their employees, customers or end-users is accompanied by some form of assessment. At one point in time, these assessments were given in paper form at certain intervals – this method is quite rare today.

Even if training is held as a live seminar, quizzes are still administered online. If you are still using paper-based assessments, then perhaps this post will help you see the benefits of making the switch.

Engage your audience

The trivia would engage our audience in a unique and fun way and connect them to our brand or learning material. By creating a returning event, we will improve our visitors loyalty.

Large number

Taking the online trivia would make it possible to have a large number of participants. It doesn’t matter at what kind of location they take the online quiz as long as they are connected to the Internet.

Randomizing questions

It is significant more easy to randomize your question with just one click than to do it all manually. Randomizing questions and even answers of those questions is not a lot a of work to do with online trivia. Besides the advantage of time saving, it also helps preventing cheating.

Quiz results/ gain insight in audience

Another plus of the trivia is getting immediate results from our participants. Not only does the creator get the results, the participant itself is also possible to get his or her results. This makes it for the creator easy to identify the gaps in knowledge. The participants are able to view on what kind of section they have to improve themselves.




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