“We have more electricity that cannot be consumed, 2,000 megawatts of electricity that nobody is taking. By the year ending, we are going to hit 10,000 megawatts from the 2,600 that we inherited.” he said.

Garba Shehu is the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity. On Monday, 2nd of July, 2018, the SSA Media and Publicity addressed journalists in Abuja where he uttered the statement which is currently making rounds In the country as Nigerians have come out in mass to react to the statement in every available platform.

We have selected some reactions from Nigerian on Social Media platform, Twitter.

At first the reactions started out plain simple with a debate on if the SSA’s Statement was right or wrong.

Komolafe Samuel Gboyega @lubeastic
He is correct! Madam, we are generating well & fine but the issue is distribution the don’t have enough equipment to distribute.
Slimmy2k2ny @slimmy2k2ny
Oga if we are generating well and fine as you said! What’s difficult for Fedral Government to distribute nationwode, your point has no fact, the end points always justifies the means…
Komolafe Samuel Gboyega @lubeastic
My brother .. Distribution has been privatizes since 2013 , government only generate powers.
George @GeorgiaRaz
Let’s say that is solved, 7,000 megawatts is more than enough for Nigeria? Really?
Ugoo @Maverickk_007
Bro eh, excluding heavy industries, oil companies, telecommunications etc, all of whom don’t depend on the govt for power currently, Nigeria still needs at least 30k MW to stabilize,

And then the reaction took a bend into spirituality

shehu tijjani‏ @stijjani
When you’ve sold your soul for a big plate of fufu and ogbono with assorted.
seuninio @seuninio
And then you regularly clear your bowels with iced tea laced with marijuana. The man is not with us any more
shehu tijjani @stijjani
Let us pray for this one who has no redemption for his soul.
kusi @blackusi
Please let’s do before amadioha or sàngó remembers him and strikes him with plenty thunder strikes than he can handle
shehu tijjani‏ @stijjani
On another note, let’s fast-forward to the thunder strike combo. Da man be mad

And then, another angle was implored, this time, it had to do with his mental state

Ikechukwu A. Ogu @ikechukwuaogu
Is Garba Shehu okay at all? Or he under some influence? It seems what most officials of the current regime have resolved is: “let’s make the claim and repeatedly; it’s immaterial whether it’s true or not”!
Oladimeji @CitizenLadimeji
Its called brainwashing. Unfortunately, very many will believe it.
Tina Donald @tina_donald
Because they have all the comfort they need in their homes, they think the citizens are as comfortable as they are. Oga, stop blabbing nonsense, I’ve not had power supply in my house since last month
Damdolly @Iam_Damdolly
this man is high on pawpaw leaf
Jafar Umar @jaff227
Allah Ya tsine wa mai qarya!!!
Ndubisi Kalu ‏ @NdubisiK
That’s the very first sign of lunacy!
Chuks @ChuksMultiP
So many mad people in buhari’s cabinet. Just too many.
Chinedu Mattah‏ @edumatah
This man deserves pity if the remark actually came from him
Adedo €sq @adedolaw
This man is dull come to my Area and see permanent blackout
Papa‏ @austin50701733
Lmao 😂 hard drugs
Ovie @Prince_Ovie1
Our hunkle @GarShehu has started taking #Ekpoma weed. This kinda talk is not clear eye.
Nelson Okebugwu @NelsonOkebugwu
This man and his jokes!!!
Tijani Ahmed‏ @tyjany
O ti ya weere….
Hon. OBAJaiyeoba‏ @ObaJaiyeoba
This codeine ban seems not to be really effective
Awo_kay1‏ @awokay1
Abi ori eleyi o pe ni?
Nnamdi Abana‏ @talktonnamdi
Joke of the year.
Joy Davison‏ @joyojinmah
I thought tramadol has been banned?? Where is Shehu getting his own.. ??
femi aladejuyigbe‏ @famolaq
This man must be high on something.. Codeine diet or something else..
Son of Mercy @Harrison_Ajali
I haff said it before and I will still say it again this man is permanently on high drugs

And those who just couldn’t handle the “LIE”

Bukky Okunola Bello @okunibuk
Patrick Sudi‏ @meetpasu
What kind of lie is this
Ebhodaghe Emmanuel‏ @Omozokpiajacob
Mr propaganda wagging his tail again! Lies will never cease from his lips! Haba oga, in terms of governance, your govt has failed us! This is purely opposite 😕
Clement Iyke Okeke‏ @ClementIykeOke1
u mean the one on ground or the one they will have? Let’s say the truth @ times
Oscar J Nanmwa‏ @oscar_nanmwa
Liar, we are in darkness. The electricity in Nigeria is always rationed so you can’t say we have more than what we can consume.
Olabisi Olabintan‏ @oayodola
Where pls…. Power supply is been horrible and it’s getting worse, The End justifies all Efforts.
Obi Colums‏ @OColums
They said they generate 7megawats. South Africa is not up to half our population, they generate 40megawats and have light. All the textile, tyre, ceramic companies etc that closed down was as a result of light. No telecom provider uses electricity, all use genset. APC, lies, same
Obi Colums‏ @OColums
These are the crop of person Buhari has in his govt. A govt that feeds on lies, yet they call us to support them and some fools even in darkness still clap for them. Go check the budget, AsoRock has allocation for diesel for their genset in millions of Naira. What a deceit.
Stanley @Stanley36229483
Foolish man
Honestly foolish talk
Bizzoe‏ @usman_albizzoe
What a shame. Chai, chai, chai, Garba, kuku allow lai to say it, abi you don takeover?
Ebhodaghe Emmanuel‏ @Omozokpiajacob
Over a million lies have I heard from these change ppl that said it’s now progress but we see is retreat!
toni akhibi‏ @tonixyz
Is it really Nigeria that is being referred to????
Paul Yakubu‏ @uchesm
Unah just deh lie as if tomorrow no deh, haba! unah get conscience at all?
Musbau‏ @adebams123
Mr @GarShehu please be clear on this as i can confirm to you that we in Owode Ogun state,Yewa south has never enjoy Light for good 1 hour for like months now.
Victor N Michael (OFR)‏ @victormichael70
Stupid liars in government. DSS uses generators, Police stations use generators, banks use generators. Even in the 2018 budget, there is budget provisions for generators and fueling in Aso Rock @Gasbytweet
Fayan Akuchukwu @Fayan1881
Garba is a liar

The Short Lecture….

Ifeanyi Aneke‏ @ifeanyianeke
I am not a @GarShehu fan, but as an Electrical Engineer, I totally agree with him on this. Most of the power generated in Nigeria is wasted. We don’t utilize up to 30% of what we are generating. So unfortunate that they are just beginning to realize what we’ve been saying since.
Ikenna Onyebuchi @ikennabuchi
I don’t understand.
You mean I am wasting electricity because I have more than I can consume?
Neuro Doctii‏ @doctii
Off national grid?

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu also told the journalists that the current Federal Government is building infrastructure across the country, and every state has at least two federal roads currently in construction.

“We have more electricity that cannot be consumed, 2,000 megawatts of electricity that nobody is taking. By the year ending, we are going to hit 10,000 megawatts from the 2,600 that we inherited.” he said.

Let’s just round up with the 3 reactions below.

Uncle Muharab CNA.‏ @pa_nas
Which criteria Buhari use to make his appointments?
Roya Simon‏ @royasimon
Please ask him again, maybe he did not understand the question
Bishop of peace… @Bishopofpeace
What have we done wrong to deserve someone like @GarShehu

Don’t forget to drop your response in the comment box below, but before then, Which of the below comment would you go with?

Chuck Emenike‏ @ChuckEmenike
I want to go to Aso Rock for only one purpose: to find out what they drink that makes them think and talk this way. How else can you explain this?

Dumo @fynefaced
Pls bring this man let me flog him. Waaaaaaat