Dear All:

(1)The above was forwarded to me by the Secretary of my community which has been put in darkness by IBADAN DISCO (urgent action still awaited).

2) However, while not doing an advocacy for the DISCOs, I can speak publicly is support of my learned colleague and brother, with stark objectivity, that Gov. Fashola got it very wrong for reducing the issue to Fashola v Oduntan.

3) If the matter becomes a personality thing or legal battles, we will do all to support and defend our brother, who being a lawyer like Gov Fashola can also defend himself.

4) Gov Fashola’s Press Statement contains veiled threats of economic sabotage and the likelihood of setting the law in motion against Mr. Oduntan for doing his job on the misconceived notion of undermining the government’s economic policies in the sector. This, with all due respect to the learned SAN is needless; and he should know better.

6) Gov. Fashola was a ‘Genco/Disco ” of sort with his laudable efforts in Lagos IPP while he was Governor. He seems to have forgotten so soon what he went through in the hands of the NERC and Federal Government when they were in opposition, sad, and very sad. Of course, simply because they’re now in Government.

7) There is a needless infusion of politics with power sector governance. Gov Fashola’s press release also alluded to, and confirmed this fact. This is regrettable. But, that is the reality.

8) Please, let’s face the fact. This administration has dragged down the power sector by its act of omission or commission, more than the previous administration, as we never witnessed this level of bickering and “name calling” of a sitting Minister against innocent mouthpiece of a sector player.

9) The buck stops on the table of Gov Fashola. His party’s manifestos promised Nigerians 10,000/mw per annum for 4 years. We can’t see that.
10) Discos are not father Xmas. They’re in business to make money. Gov Fashola is not the sector regulator. I’ve written several times that we have a lame/political NERC which is neither independent nor convincingly knowledgeable about power sector realities. May be deliberately and/or by the environment in which the NERC “regulates”. That is manifesting now.

ALL what I had predicted then, and now over ten years ago about this our troubled sector are now manifesting.
Way toward: Gov Fashola should stop personalising the problems in the power sector by making it appear like FASHOLA V ODUNTAN. As Minister, he should engage all, including his perceived “enemies” if he’s truly interested in solving the problems of the power sectors. He should see others as “Partners” and not as “Competitors” or devils while labouring hard to prove some points which we as consumers and other stakeholders hardly see and/or are convinced about.

Gov Fashola had stocked-up good reputations for himself and should never throw it away so easily with the transience of political offices.
God bless.

(Ass Prof, Energy/Electricity Law, Unilag)


  1. Unfortunately, Dr Yemi Oke has contributed nothing positive with respect to the subject matter….. What I read above is taking side with Oduntan. Actually expected something concrete as a way forward to the resolution of the crises,but it seems there is much behind the scene to what the public is made to understand.


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