1. Every Distribution Company shall obtain, through its authorized representatives, an actual reading of all meters in all electricity supply addresses within its areas of operations every month but not later than once in every three months: Your Disco Is Under Obligation To Take Your Actual Meter Reading EVERY MONTH
  2. The methodology used by every Distribution Company for estimating a Customer’s usage shall be approved by the Commission: Your Estimated Bills Are Approved By The NERC
  3. Whenever a Distribution Company is unable to obtain a meter reading at a Customer’s premises, it shall leave in the premises a notice approved by the Commission, explaining that it was unable to obtain a meter reading and that unless the Customer provides his own meter reading within a stipulated period, it shall estimate the Customer’s electricity usage: You Should Not Be Sent An Estimated Bill Without Prior Written Notice From Your DISCO
  4. Where a Distribution Company is unable to obtain a meter reading, it shall accept the Customer’s own meter reading, or it shall estimate the Customer’s usage for the period: If Your DISCO Refused To Take Your Reading, The Reading You Take And Send To Them Is Valid
  5. Whenever a Distribution Company estimates a Customer’s usage, it shall ensure that the estimate accurately reflects the Customer’s expected usage for the period and shall not under any circumstances artificially inflate it: No Estimated Billing Without Taking Adequate Taking Inventory Of Your Comsumption
  6. A Distribution Company shall not under any circumstances artificially inflate the estimated usage of either the old or new Customer: Crazy Billing Is Illegal
  7. Where there is no electricity meter to record electricity usage at a Customer’s supply address, a Distribution Company shall base the Customer’s bill on an estimated energy consumption which shall be calculated in accordance with a method approved by the Commission: Community Metering And Billing Is Illegal. Bills Are Per User Based
  8. A Distribution Company shall review a Customer’s bill when requested to do so by the Customer: Your DISCO Is Under Obligation To Review That Illegal Estimated Bills, It Is NOT A Favour, And You Have The Right To Challenge ALL Illegal And Estimated Bills.
  9. While the review referred to in sub-regulation (1) is ongoing, the Customer shall pay an amount which the Customer and the Distribution Company agree to as reasonable, provided that where agreement on an amount cannot be reached, the Customer shall pay an amount equal to the average amount of the Customer’s bills at current supply address over the previous twelve months, however, where the Customer has not been at the supply address for twelve months, the amount shall equal the average amount of the Customer’s bills for the period that he has been the Customer at the supply address: Whenever You Challenge A Bill, You Are To Decide How Much You Pay That DISCO, It Is NOT Your Fault They Do Not Read Meters, Or Install PrePaid Meters
  10. If the review covers more than one billing period, the Customer shall pay an amount in accordance with sub-regulation (2) of this regulation of all bills rendered during the period of the review: Take An Average Of Your Consumption, And Pay. No To Illegal Bills, ALL Customers Should Be METERED


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