• Accuse TCN boss of gross misconduct
• Say privatization has failed woefully

The Senior Staff Association of Electricity and Allied Company (SSAEAC) has planned to shut down the power sector over alleged breakdown of law and order by Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), Usman Gur Mohammed.

The senior staff electricity workers alleged that the TCN boss has become a security threat and lawbreaker and does not comply with the TCN condition of service and the laws, adding that he arrogantly and illegally stopped SSAEAC dues and defied all agencies of government’s intervention.

The union, at its national executive committee meeting at the weekend, alleged Mohammed’s failure to account for monies and goods received since assumption of duty, stating that since his appointment, he had cleared over 600 40-feet containers of equipment from the seaports without record of receipts in TCN stores.

President-General of SSAEAC, Chris Okonkwo, who, therefore, called on the Federal Government to hold the MD of TCN responsible for breakdown of law and order in all TCN stations, demanded his removal within two weeks to avert indefinite industrial show down in the power sector. He said, “Workers are saddled with arbitrariness which we have made efforts to see if we could redirect, but all efforts failed since 2016 when the current leadership of the sub-sector came on board.

“Efforts to make the leader know the rules had not yielded expected behavior. We declared the trade dispute after several efforts to make sure the head of TCN retrace his steps. The union has mobilized members for a showdown.” Okonkwo, who spoke on privatization of the power sector, said what happened during the privatization process was a mere distribution of assets.

He said with the over 20 companies that were privatized, not more than six have signed condition of service with the workers and their representatives. “What happened during the privatization process was a mere distribution of assets. We want to defend the sovereignty of senior staff association. We have written several letters, all to no avail.

“We will not rest on our oars, as issues with generation, transmission and distribution companies are tugging at all of us for the fact that our industrial base is still in comatose, houses in darkness and labour component of the power sector is still under the jackboot of investors. “Privatization, which is four and half years ago, has still not shown the direction we all hope for,” Okonkwo said.


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