1. “Customer Complaints Unit” (CCU) means the dispute resolution body set up by the ‘Distribution Company’ ie Ikeja Distribution Company (Ikeja Disco – Ikedc), Eko Distribution Company (EKO Disco), Yola Electricity Distribution Company (YEDC) etc.
  2. Every DISCO shall establish a CCU within its premises to received and resolve customer complaints
  3. Each CCU shall be headed by a senior officer of the DISCO designated as the Customer Complaints Officer and staffed by employees of the DISCO
  4. All complaints must be lodged firstly, in writing (handwritten, typed or emailed) with the CCU of the DISCO.
  5. For a non-literate complainant, the complaint shall be made to the Customer Complaints Officer who shall record it and insert a statement indicating that the complaint was recorded by him and that it was understood by such complainant.
  6. The CCU has 15 working days to resolve a complaint.
  7. If a customer is dissatisfied with the resolution or receives no response, it can be escalated to the ‘Forum
  8. Who is the Forum? The Forum is “Forum For Customer Complaints to be Establiashed By NERC under the EPSRAct, with stipulated Member composition”
  9. What happens in the Forum? Any Customers whose complaints are not satisfactorily addressed by the Customer Complaints Unit of the Distribution Licensee may approach the Forum established for customer complaint.
  10. After the Forum, any other level of complaint? Any Customer not satisfied with the Forum Ruling can then proceed to court.


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